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If the year on your driver’s license starts with a “1”, you are going to love this band. Wet Possum is a ragtag bunch of friends whose only desire is to play the greatest pop punk and alt-rock hits of the 1990’s and 2000’s. Remember all those songs you jammed out to in the car on your way to McDonald’s for lunch with a buddy crammed in the trunk? Remember when so and so didn’t message you back on AIM so you bawled your eyes out to MCR’s Black Parade? Well we sure do! After just 5 minutes of Wet Possum you will feel all the feels, log back into Myspace, charge up your Motorola Razr, and bust out your old skinny jeans. Step into the auditory time capsule of Wet Possum and relive the glory days of music before SoundCloud rappers and bro-country!



Wet possum is comprised of five super swell dudes, each with a special set of skills instrumental to the success of the group. Zach Hibbard is the group’s lead vocalist and primary Winnie the Pooh impersonator. He’s in charge of getting the party started right, and operating the bubble machine. Zach’s interests include short walks on the beach because he has a sun allergy and staying inside when it’s raining. Zach also wants everyone to know that possums have one of the smallest brain-to-body ratios among mammals. Bummer!


If Zach gets the party started then lead bass player and rhythm vocalist Devin Whitmire takes charge of keeping it going. Although primarily a drummer by night, even later at night Devin plays all the low notes for Wet Possum with vim and vigor rivaled by few. Devin doesn’t stop rocking as soon as he hits the stage, so tape down and fasten anything you don’t want knocked over or unplugged. Devin is endorsed by Stringjoy bass guitar strings. Devin’s favorite possum fact is that the possums typically give birth to upwards of 16 babies but only have 13 nipples. Neat!


Matt Hayes is not only the rhythm lead guitarist and backup rhythm vocalist of the group, but he also has the blondest hair and cutest dog of all the Wet Possums. On stage he is most likely to engage in what as known as a power stance in the industry. Much like a possum, Matt also has the smallest brain-to-body ratio in the band as evident by his inability to remember chords and song titles. Matt is endorsed by Stringjoy guitar strings. Matt would also like the world to know that the possum is North America’s only marsupial!


Wet Possum’s other backup auxiliary rhythm guitar player and by far the oldest member of the group is Jon Tabers-Kwak. Jon hails from the exotic metropolitan oasis that is Milwaukee. A small possum in a big city, Jon enjoys the simple things in life like using the laughing crying emoji, yelling at kids to get off his lawn, and doing his morning crossword puzzle over a big bowl of Raisin Bran. Jon is endorsed by Stringjoy guitar strings. The rest of the band members have noticed that Jon and possums are both omnivores meaning they will eat just about anything they can catch such as rats, mice, moles, snails, slugs, and Kwik Trip.


Marshall Zak is both the group’s personal chef and drummer. He’s constantly serving spicy beets that warm the soul and drive the band. Without Marshall the rest of the possums would wander around hungry and groove-less. Marshall proudly endorses SJC Custom Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, TnR Product ISO mounts, Porter & Davies Thrones & KellyShu. Finally, Marshall would like everyone to know that the gestation period of possums is only 12-13 days, the shortest of any North American mammal!

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